About University

Jahrom University at a glance

Jahrom University was first established as the Faculty of Science in 1973.  However, it was closed down after the Islamic Revolution. Nevertheless, on the first visit of the government to Fars province in 2006, the re-establishment of the institute was approved and Jahrom Higher Education Center started operating in 2007. By the increase in the number of offered majors and following further developments and growths, the Center was upgraded to Jahrom Higher Education Complex in 2009 and later to Jahrom University in 2011.
Currently, including four Faculties of Engineering, Science, Literature and Humanities and Agriculture, and offering 24 undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as having over 2000 students and 73 faculty members, Jahrom University is the second largest university after Shiraz University in Fars province.
There is no doubt that having such potentials and capacities as an independent secretariat for recruiting faculty members, a center for open and virtual educations, the office of entrepreneurship and industry liaison, the office of supreme leader's representative as the only one in Fars province (apart from Shiraz University), and APA Specialty Center (Awareness, Support, Relief) as the only one in Fars province which enjoys regional and national capabilities, has turned Jahrom University to an influential and leading university in Fars province.
It is noteworthy that facilities and infrastructures such as the Faculty of Science with 5200 m² built up area, the Administrative building with 3200 m², the central cafeteria with 2400 m², the sports complex with 1350 m², classroom area of 1100 m², University's mosque with 1000 m², the Faculty of Agriculture with 5000 m² and 32% physical progress, Welfare complex with 600 m² and 60% physical progress and the football pitch with 1300 m² and 30% physical progress are but only a few examples of the provided infrastructures to educate specialized human resources. 
Moreover, in the area of research, the registration of 17 patents and the publication of more than 260 scientific papers are significant steps taken by Jahrom University in producing science.
The organization of over 200 scientific, cultural and artistic programs by 19 scientific associations and 21 cultural centers have also injected joy vitality among students.